Who are we?

Hello there! We are DropSoft, a group of hackers.
Hackers, not developers!
"What is the difference?"
You might ask. Developers just want to get something working.
We as hackers love challenges and constraints that we can solve.
We take absolute pride in our work also.
A developer who does this only to get payed will never match a hacker.
Our whole life is based around computers and software.
Not only when we work on our products but also in private as our hobby.
The harder the problem seems the harder we will try to solve it.
From developers you might hear: "this is impossible".
Or "We need more resources for that".
They might even have convincing arguments for that.
But finding new ways others didn't think about is our specialty
and where our creative minds can truly shine.
Of cause we are merely human also and can't solve everything.
However, having a different view on things can make a huge difference

Contact us

You can contact via e-mail:

Chat with us

Proof yourself as a Hacker

To get access to the private channels you can solve a CTF style
challenge to become a full community member.
These challenges can be found in a dedicated channel on our discord server.
Please don't leak the solution to these challenges.
Once a solution is leaked we will replace that challenge
or temporarily remove it until we have a replacement.

Apply for Team Membership

Any Community Member can apply for a full Team Membership.
Although a Discord account is required since that is our main
communication channel at the moment.
All Team members have to follow the following rules:


There can only be a finite number of members at any given
moment. We will internally discuss how many make sense every
now and then. Based on that we will decide to accept new members.


We have a public Roadmap for our Projects and goals.
The Roadmap is dynamic and might change over time in detail.
However, it should give you a better idea about our ideas, values and goals.